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January is Slow Cooking Month%

In addition to National Soup Month, January is also National slow cooking month. Our Benje’s Naturals soups are slow cooked in small batches, retaining its great flavor and nutrients.

Healthy Soup, Healthy Heart%

Did you know tomato soup is great for cardiovascular health? The high levels of vitamin C in tomato soup provide arterial protection. It strengthens the heart and protects it from diseases like blockage of arteries and stroke. It reduces the deposition of fats in the blood vessels, reducing bad cholesterol.

Celebrate National Soup Month%

Let’s celebrate National Soup Month with a big bowl of the best soup in the world: Benje’s Naturals! (in our humble opinion). Pick up our Benje’s Naturals soups at your local participating ShopRites, Price Choppers and Gristedes in the Metro New York area.

The Benefits of Frozen Soup%

You may ask yourself what are the benefits of frozen soup verses canned soup? Great question! Freezing seals in the freshness, flavor, and natural textures of our ingredients. Freezing also locks in nutrition and vitamins in food. Lastly, our Frozen soups contain significantly lower levels of sodium per serving versus canned soup. Benje’s Naturals soups […]

Specialized Nutrition and Therapeutic Foods%

Our late CEO, Ben Tabatchnick, was a true pioneer in the development of specialized nutrition for needy populations. Starvation-ravaged populations benefit from Nutta Butta, a high-protein nutritional paste developed by Ben. Nutta Butta has meant the difference between sickness and health in many African villages. School systems, shelters, elderly nutrition programs, worldwide relief programs-all have […]

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