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We Have the Best Jokes%

How do you turn a soup into gold? Add 24 carrots! #dadjokes

Perfect for all Occasions%

Whether eating lunch on the go, or having a sit down dinner with the whole family, choose our wonderfully delicious Benje’s Naturals soups, and experience a perfect blend of high quality ingredients and delightful flavors. Now available in Shoprite, Gristedes, Price Chopper, and Fairway stores in the northeast.

Your Daily Dose%

Get your daily dose of vegetables in a bowl of Tabatchnick Vegetable Soup, topped to the brim with tender, delicious veggies and perfectly seasoned.

Stay on Track%

Keep your New Year’s resolutions on track by adding our Benje’s Naturals soups to your everyday healthy diet. They’re USDA organic, low fat, gluten-free, and vegan.

Lose the Salt%

Dump the excess sodium from your life with our line of delicious low sodium soups: Barley and Mushroom, Minestrone, Split Pea, Tuscany Lentil, and Vegetable!

Warm and Cozy%

According to nutritionists, eating a bowl of hot soup can help increase your core body temperature, keeping you warm and cozy during these cold months.

Great for Fiber%

Our Benje’s Naturals line of soups are a great source of fiber and are all low fat, making them a wonderfully healthy option for any meal.

National Frozen Food Month%

It’s national Frozen Food Month! Our favorite month of the year. Let’s celebrate by eating a delicious Tabatchnick pouch soup and Benje’s Naturals soups. Remember freezing locks in important nutrients and freshness, making frozen food much healthier than canned food.

It Needs Soup%

“It is impossible to think of any good meal, no matter how plain or elegant, without soup or bread in it” – Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher (Famous Food Critic and writer)

A New Jingle%

We’re trying to write a cute jingle for our soups. Here’s what we have so far: “We love Tabatchnick soup, na na na. We love Tabatchnick soup ya ya ya…” Ok, still a work in progress.

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