Benje’s Naturals Fun Facts

Benje’s Naturals is proud to be BPA-free, non-GMO, Dairy-free, gluten-free, and organic. But what do those terms mean?


BPA is used to make plastics in certain food packages. Sometimes these plastics can make their way into the food they are protecting, which sounds pretty awful.


At Benje’s Naturals we strictly prohibit the use of BPA in our packaging, and hold our suppliers to a high standard of quality and oversight.


GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms,’ which basically means large corporations use genetic engineering to change naturally grown plants and foods into Frankenstein monsters. Ever see Little Shop of Horrors? It’s kind of like that.


We only use USDA certified organic ingredients in our Benje’s Naturals soups for the healthiest, tastiest, and most natural eating experience.


Dairy-free means there are no lactose-based ingredients in our Benje’s Naturals soups. We also keep out casein, whey, and even milk-fats. The cows called us to say thanks!

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