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Benje’s Pea Soup with Mixed Nuts%

Here’s another delicious garnish idea to take your soup to the next level. Try our Benje’s Naturals Split Pea soup with mixed nuts. A perfect combo!

Feeling That Benje’s Life%

Feeling that Benje’s Life? Stay active with proper exercise and smart eating habits that include Benje’s Naturals organic, gluten-free, and low fat line of soups.  

Granola Goodness%

For an excellent garnish idea,  sprinkle some crunchy granola over our savory Benje’s Naturals Tomato basil soup. What a delicious idea!

Iron for Health%

Did you know vegetable soup contains tons of iron, an important mineral if you follow an active lifestyle? Iron helps muscles store oxygen, and helps your red blood cells supply tissues with fresh oxygen. Pick up our Benje’s Naturals Vegetable soup to get plenty of iron.

Creative Garnishes%

Feeling creative? Make Benje’s Naurals your own with your favorite garnish, like chopped nuts or roasted veggies. Or perhaps some granola or Parmesan crisps. Such yummy ideas!

January is Slow Cooking Month%

In addition to National Soup Month, January is also National slow cooking month. Our Benje’s Naturals soups are slow cooked in small batches, retaining its great flavor and nutrients.

Healthy Soup, Healthy Heart%

Did you know tomato soup is great for cardiovascular health? The high levels of vitamin C in tomato soup provide arterial protection. It strengthens the heart and protects it from diseases like blockage of arteries and stroke. It reduces the deposition of fats in the blood vessels, reducing bad cholesterol.

Celebrate National Soup Month%

Let’s celebrate National Soup Month with a big bowl of the best soup in the world: Benje’s Naturals! (in our humble opinion). Pick up our Benje’s Naturals soups at your local participating ShopRites, Price Choppers and Gristedes in the Metro New York area.

Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili Recipes%

We’re making delicious recipes with our Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili, and you can too! These easy to make recipes feature popular foods that are eaten every day. We demonstrate how to make chili hot dogs, chili nachos, chili and corn bread, chili stuffed peppers, chili topped salad. Enjoy! Love and Soup, Anna

How to Make Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili Video%

  Check out our new video as we go step by step through the easy to make Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili.  Each single-serve Vegetarian Chili bowl is microwavable and only takes 4-5 minutes to heat depending on your microwave. Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili is now available in grocery stores across the east coast and in select […]

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