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Snacks and Meals%

Need the perfect snack or meal to fit into your diet? We have your covered. Check out our delicious 100 calorie and under line of soups. Eleven flavorful options with low-sodium recipes as well!

Warm and Cozy%

According to nutritionists, eating a bowl of hot soup can help increase your core body temperature, keeping you warm and cozy during these cold months.

So close%

It’s February 20th! Do you know what that means? Only one more month until Spring!

Soup Fact Friday%

Soup Fact Friday! Some people ask: “Why are your soups frozen?” – The freezing process allows us to preserve ingredients at the peak of freshness and without the use of MSG or other preservatives. We can also avoid the over-use of added salt, which is used in canned soups to preserve the contents. Frozen soups […]

A Merry Merry Time%

Merry Christmas to all of those celebrating the holiday! We wish you happiness, peace, joy, and good soup!

Healthy and Happy%

Let’s strengthen our healthy eating habits before the holiday season arrives next month. Add our Tabatchnick low-sodium soups to your regimen. They are low sodium, low fat, low sugar, and have zero cholesterol. They’re the perfect choice for a snack or meal!

I Want to Sing%

Do you ever randomly burst into song and dance when you eat a great bowl of soup? Yes? You’ve clearly had our Tabatchnick frozen pouch soups. Let’s randomly burst into song together! Ready? Set. Go! Mmm-Bop, do do do, Mmmm Bop….

Super Duper Healthy%

Want to be extra super-duper healthy in your everyday life? We’ve got the thing for you. Our organic frozen soups are 100% USDA organic, and gluten-free! Now on sale this week!

October is in Full Swing%

Is it really October already? Where has the year gone!?!?! Time to embrace Fall with a delicious bowl of Benje’s Naturals soup. Nom, nom, nom!  

Ask for Benje’s by Name%

Benje’s Naturals soups are organic, gluten-free, low fat, and delicious! If Benje’s is not at your local store you can ask the store manager to carry Benje’s Naturals soups. They will listen!

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