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Rita Tabatchnick presents the Ben Tabatchnick Humanitarian award%

Hear Rita Tabatchnick’ s full speech awarding Ben Tabatchnick Humanitarian Award to Whole Foods!  

Matzah Ball Soup Time with Rita and Anna%

It’s mother daughter cooking time at the Tabatchnick household. Watch Rita teach Anna how to make her famous matzah ball soup, a time honored tradition with a modern twist.

How to Make Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili Video%

  Check out our new video as we go step by step through the easy to make Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili.  Each single-serve Vegetarian Chili bowl is microwavable and only takes 4-5 minutes to heat depending on your microwave. Benje’s Naturals Vegetarian Chili is now available in grocery stores across the east coast and in select […]

Tips to Surviving the Big Chill of Office AC%

It happens every summer. It’s hot outside and freezing inside. Here at the Tabatchnick soup works, our relentless office air conditioning (who sets the temp on that thing, anyway?) sometimes forces me to sit at my desk with a blanket wrapped around me (I look sort of like a burrito), a heater at my feet, […]

My Grand Introduction%

Hi! My name’s Anna Tabatchnick. That’s how most conversations start, with introducing yourself. Many of you might be thinking, “We’re on your website because we already know Tabatchnick,” and in many ways you do. Our family company has been around for generations (I’m the fifth generation) and we have so much history it’s hard to […]

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