The Big Bang of Benje’s Naturals

IMG_6016It started with silence.

There we were, five Tabatchnicks sitting around my father’s desk. Rita, Jason, Ruthie, Alex, and me. My dad’s chair- empty. A now searing void in our lives. A new reality for the whole family. Then, a question:  “What can we do? asked Jason, the eldest son.

More silence. We looked around to each other, searching for an answer.

Then our mother, Rita, spoke up. “We must continue what he started and finish his recipes that are sitting incomplete. We will take it upon ourselves to do this in his memory.”

We all nodded with deference.

It was that quiet moment that Benje’s Naturals was born. It was an idea that had the potential to propel the company to new heights. But at that moment it was still just a concept, an idea, some unfinished recipes. Bringing a new line of soup to market is a big, complicated process. But at the same time it can also be a fun and exciting! So now, without further ado, it is my pleasure to walk you through what it takes to bring Benje’s Naturals to life.

It was my first time going through the production process so I was, slightly, just the tiniest bit more excited than my coworkers (okay I was pumped). We took our time in coming up with a name. Our goal was to honor our father and also capture the essence of a healthy soup line. “Benje’s Naturals” fit the bill perfectly.

After we decided on the name, it was onto finishing his recipes.

We gathered together our team of culinary experts at the Tabatchnick factory and formulated away. Don’t worry, we had a lot of taste testers on hand to provide valuable feedback. This was hands down my favorite part of the process. At times I felt like a mad scientist: performing culinary experiments, sourcing fresh ingredients, and mixing and combining delicious concoctions.

Now that the recipes were tweaked and completed, we had to create the brand identity for Benje’s Naturals. This includes the logo, box design, and imagery.

For the logo we went through what must have been 100 designs. There were so many different fonts, colors, and hue combinations to consider.  But after some trial and error and surveying, we found ourselves with a logo that we loved. The next step was the box and photos.

There were lots of people involved. For example you have the photographer, the food stylist, the lighting technician who all come together to make a masterpiece. It was so thrilling to see all of these talented people work to make our Benje’s line a reality.

After the shoot we finalized the box design and placement of the pictures. Everything has to be checked a million times by the Tabatchnick crew until the box is perfect. We have to make sure all of the nutritional information is listed, cooking instructions are accurate, spelling and grammar correct, and product benefits (Organic and gluten free, BPA & Dairy free, non-GMO, etc) are all listed.

Once we start producing the Benje’s Naturals line on scale, the bowls of frozen soup will be married with their boxes and shipped out all over the country. I hope you were able to follow along with the process! Sounded like a lot of steps, right? Fortunately I have the best coworkers in the world and it made the whole experience not only educational, but rewarding as well.

Dad’s recipes now complete, his legacy continues with all of us. He would definitely be proud.

Love and soup,


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