Tips to Surviving the Big Chill of Office AC

It happens every summer. It’s hot outside and freezing inside. Here at the Tabatchnick soup works, our relentless office air conditioning (who sets the temp on that thing, anyway?) sometimes forces me to sit at my desk with a blanket wrapped around me (I look sort of like a burrito), a heater at my feet, and wondering if I should bring my Snuggie to work. That’s why I came up with these tips to surviving the summer AC blues.

  • Dress for the weather. If your office is like ours — an ice box when the AC is on — dress in layers, so you can remove a light sweater if the conference room is balmy, and put it back on when you get to your icebox of an office. However, if you are like me, you might sneak over to the thermometer and turn up the temperature a little at a time so no one notices until you are taking off your layers.
  • Plan a hot lunch! A bowl of steamy Tabatchnick soup would really hit the spot, and warm you up, no matter what the AC temperature.

  • Fire back with some heat. I know some people who can’t stand being cold (like me) will buy a space heater. They’re small and inexpensive, but can really do the trick when you need some warmth in your cubicle or office. Just remember they also suck up a lot of power (I sweat bullets when I look at the bill), and some offices may have rules about their use. Check before you buy!
  • Escape the cold when you can. I try to take a walk at lunch outside in the summer sun to warm up. I love the warm sun so much I feel like a plant sometimes. Think of all those steps your fitness tracker is counting too!
  • Imagination land anyone? I know it sounds silly, but mind over matter does work sometimes. I try to think of a warm fire for a few seconds (not too much or people will think you’re sleeping) and suddenly I’m rubbing my hands together, feeling that warmth. You can also think of those beaches which are finally open.

All it takes is a little planning when the summer heat arrives, and you’ll be warm and comfy while you work. Just remember that the thermostat wars will always wage on, but I just put on an extra sweater and eat a little soup, and I survive!

Love and Soup,

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