To Fry Or Not To Fry…That is The Question


Let me start this off with an appropriate caption..ahem…WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED??? IS THANKSGIVING RUINED?? Well my friends this is the result when turkey frying goes terribly wrong. However this turkey still made it to our dinner plates.

Thanksgiving is a holiday always spent with family around a dining table. Why the dining table? Well, of course that’s where to find the delicious, mouthwatering, delicacies I can only get once a year. It’s also where Team Tabatchnick creates a masterpiece of food!

Maybe writing this blog while hungry wasn’t a good idea…but through my drooling I can only imagine that piece de resistance — the turkey! You would think there wouldn’t be any controversy over the turkey, but in reality, this is where Team Tabatchnick stands divided. As you might have guessed from this blog’s title, we argue every year about frying or baking the turkey. The debate can get heated (as if the kitchen wasn’t hot enough), with my brothers on the frying side and my sister and me on the baking. I understand how some people want to try something different and fry a turkey, but check out these how-to’s on frying. The page seems to never end! Step after step after step of instructions on how to fry a turkey…I wish my turkey would just cook itself.

I admit baking the turkey isn’t as easy as it seems, but I know it’ll taste great. All the wonderful smells that emanate from it are just mouthwatering. You can leave the turkey in the oven to cook while you watch the Macy’s Day parade (no one is too old for that) and start making your stuffing. We have a great recipe here made by none other than our president, Rita Tabatchnick (aka, Mom). It’s made with our classic wholesome chicken broth and I look forward to it every year. You can download the recipe here.

If the accompanying photo of the blackened bird has encouraged you to try frying a turkey, then go for it! You have seen both sides of the argument and can decide for yourself. However, if your turkey turns out like mine, then rest assured it still tasted amazing…once you tore off all the burnt pieces. On a side note we did successfully fry a turkey the next year, trial and error.

Good luck on all your turkey adventures and let me know how your turkey looks by posting some of your pictures to our Facebook page.

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