What Not to Wear at Your Holiday Office Party

partyBeware the office holiday party.

It’s always been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with your co-workers, and a potential catastrophe if you spill salad dressing on your boss. Oops.

Of course, here at Tabatchnick, we’re family, so we know each other so well, it’s a lot like a reunion. Sure, we see each other every day, but we’re so busy, we barely have a chance to say good morning. With our annual holiday celebration, we catch up with each other’s lives, get to meet significant others, and enjoy great food and look forward to the holidays.

Office parties can get a bad rep, of course. I recently found a wonderful article from Glamour magazine about how dressing the wrong way at an office party can sink a career. Here is a few don’ts:

Holiday Colors: Feel free to deck the halls—not yourself! Reaching for a bright red dress or a shimmery green number won’t get you into trouble, but trust us and stay away from pairing the two, lest someone gets confused and starts to wrap a garland around you.

Ultra- Casual Attire: Just cause you’re out of the office doesn’t mean it’s time to let all your well-learned work attire rules slip away. Unless the staff is ringing in the holiday with a trip to a basketball game, your jeans n’ tee combo is a no-go for party day.

The Highest Heels you Own: Go ahead and climb into some fancy heels for your work party, but hold off on the ones that make you taller than your boss (and her boss, and her boss, too!). Plus, you don’t want your coworkers making jokes for the next year about what you do once the office is closed: Teetering in sky-high heels might lead less fashion-obsessed folks to ask how you can walk in those “stripper heels.” (We learned this one the hard way.)

And what about what you SHOULD wear? I’d welcome some suggestions from all of you as you plan to celebrate the season. As for me…well, I won’t know until I open that closet door and pick an outfit!



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